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Do you own a home in Indiana, Michigan or Illinois? If so, Ogren Insurance can design a homeowners insurance policy that meets your specific needs. We’ve been in the risk management industry since 1947 and can help you manage your homeowners liability in a seamless manner. For policy information, personalized consultation or a free home insurance quote, contact us today!

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If you drive a car, you need auto insurance. Here at Ogren Insurance, our agents specialize in the risk management requirements of drivers throughout Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. We can help you determine how to structure your car insurance policy, what your deductible should be, how extensive your coverage ought to be, and much more. If you have questions about auto insurance, contact us today.

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Every industry is exposed to liability, and every business makes mistakes. Having adequate professional liability insurance is vital to the prosperity of your organization – Ogren Insurance can provide you with that protection. Our professional liability coverage is designed to meet the distinct needs of your company, executive board and staff. Don’t wait until you’re in too deep, contact us today to get the professional liability insurance you need.

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If you’re a contractor, you are well aware of the amount of risk you face during each job. You have to worry about your crew, your equipment, your client, the property you’re on, and about a million other things. One of the best ways to protect yourself against liabilities associated with each of these factors is through specialized contractors insurance. Contact the team at Ogren Insurance today to get your free quote.

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Welcome to Ogren Insurance

A Hammond, IN agency dedicated to your distinct insurance needs.

In 1947, Ogren Insurance started serving the needs of individuals, families and businesses throughout Indiana from our office in Hammond. With well over a half-century of experience in the insurance industry, we are the easy choice for your risk management requirements.

Your Personal Needs

When it comes to your personal life, there are many insurance products that can help protect you against risk. Odds are you have a home – whether you rent or own – and operate a vehicle – be it a car, motorcycle, RV or boat – and here at Ogren Insurance, we can provide you with risk management coverage for all of it. We are here to help you protect each aspect of your life: your home, your vehicle, your toys, and your health. Additionally, we can supply you with personalized financial services including annuities. When you have a personal insurance or financial need, we have your solution.

Your Business Needs

While everyone requires personal insurance, a more specialized group of people need business insurance. At Ogren Insurance, we cater to the liability needs of a wide array of industries. We serve contractors with contractors liability coverage, the medical industry with medical malpractice insurance, and main street businesses with customized commercial insurance packages. We are also highly focused on offering professional liability insurance to companies and organizations of all kinds throughout Indiana.

No matter what type of insurance you may need, we have the knowledge, experience and markets you can trust. Whether you’re seeking personal, business or financial solutions, our team of agents will help you identify your risks so you can be better protected against them.

Contact Ogren Insurance today to learn more about the insurance solutions and services we offer throughout Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. You can reach us at our Hammond office by calling 888.489.1371 or fill out the form on this page and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly.

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