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Vacant Property Insurance


If you are planning to leave a dwelling unoccupied, Ogren Insurance has the insurance policy you need.

If you have property that will be unoccupied for a 30 day period, basic home insurance or landlord’s coverage may cease coverage. Policies will often not cover any claims made if the home was unoccupied for more than this 30 day period. This is why you will need vacant housing insurance from Ogren Insurance if you own a property in this situation.

At Ogren Insurance, our vacant dwelling insurance is ideal for:

  • Estates dealing with the death of the landlord.
  • Buildings or homes that are for sale, but unoccupied.
  • Homes left unoccupied because the tenants have left unexpectedly.
  • Renovation of your home.

If any of these situations applies to you, or there is any other reasons that you have a vacant property in need of insurance, please call your Indiana insurance experts at Ogren Insurance. We will get started on your insurance quote right away!

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