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Have you ever stopped to take inventory of all of your personal belongings?

Whether you own a home, or rent an apartment or house, you most likely have quite a bit of personal property. Everyone has clothes, furniture, electronics, televisions, and other valuables that need to be protected with insurance. Most homeowners carry property insurance, but for some reason most renters do not.

Renters insurance can offer protection for all of your belongings. It covers your personal property against theft or damage and also protects you and your family against certain bodily injury and property damage claims for which you are liable. If you rent in Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois, our renters insurance generally covers:

  • Contents loss on and off the premises
  • Additional living expenses
  • Personal liability loss
  • Medical payments loss
  • Property of others loss

At Ogren Insurance we can also offer additional coverages for items such as expensive jewelry, collectible items, and antiques. Our agents can put together a policy that covers all of your possessions at very affordable rates. We work with you to determine just how much coverage you need for your particular situation.

Remember, your landlord’s insurance only covers the building; you need your own renters insurance to cover your own property. Give us a call today at Ogren Insurance to find out how we can affordably insure you while you rent in Indiana.

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